g r o u p   o f   c o m p a n i e s

E  T  H  O  S

 VER-NAC-U-LAR: [adj.] Is always prudent about methods, materials, time, and place; seeking the most pragmatic and domestic design. Each vernacular development is an adaptable, local, and flexible solution over time. 

We believe our company's name is well representative of our core values when it comes to creating a design, managing a project, or building a community. We strive to design and build homes that fit seamlessly within their neighbourhoods, without interfering with the environment. We live in a city that is growing rapidly which also comes with its drawbacks. Therefore, we take responsibility and pride ourselves on helping solve these issues, which can be seen in our past projects and current endeavours. We work closely with planners, municipalities, and have been involved in design panels and planning commissions in order to reach concrete solutions to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

At Vernacular, we believe in the importance of building great relationships with all stakeholders including communities, investors, municipalities, consultants, and end-users in order to develop the right product. Our teams work together to ensure an efficient and effective process, from conception to disposition, every time. Our goal when providing a service is to ensure the utmost care and quality by being sincere and pragmatic.